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29th-Jul-2007 10:59 pm - Retail Horror Stories!

Considering we are all are or have been hard-working members of the workforce, I thought it would be cool to share our amusing/horrific stories. I worked at a certain video store in the area, and I've got a few to share. (For reasons that *may* or may *not* have been in my contract, I'm not allowed to describe exactly where I worked publically. Let's just say it rhymes with Wockwuster Wideo)

This one happened in the first week of my tenure at (name of institution rhyming with Dockduster omitted). I'm running the register, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. This guy comes in with a paper bag filled with DVDs. He states the following: He has 35 copies of the movie "Jaws" in the bag. He says that they were birthday gifts, and we would like to exchange them for their full value in cash. Now, I'm no expert at this point, but I notice the following:

1) Frockfruster doesn't take opened electronics back. I'm not aware of anywhere that does.
2) The guy has no recipts
3) There is no Barcode on any of the DVDs, nor any evidence of their ever having been one (those stickers are hard to peel off completely)
4) The "Jaws" cover on each of the DVDs is obviously printed out on computer paper. In black and white.
5) The discs themselves have no cover art, instead they are boldly emblazoned with the words "CD R/W"
6) The guy expects us to believe that 35 seperate friends got him the same movie for his bithday!

Nick: I'm sorry, sir. We can't take these. You have no recipt, there isn't any barcode on the case, and the cover art is not industry standard.
Stupid Con Man: What do you mean? Are you accusing me of something?

(remember your corporate brainwashing, Nick. You are not allowed to be sarcastic with the customers)

Nick: Sir, you have to see how unusual this is-
Stupid Con Man: (god help me, he actually says this) For your information I printed these out PHOTO QUALITY!
Nick: ...

Stupid Con Man leaves in a huff. Nick supresses the incredible urge to launch a sarcastic farewell after him. I report it to the manager on duty. He tells me to call the other local establishments, and give them a heads-up. These giys will usually try their scam at a different store if they get found out here. I call mammoth, paradise, the works. We all have a hearty laugh at the guy's expense. About three hours later, my shift is done, and I'm heading home for the day. I say farewell to the gang and head out. The timing is perfect. As I start to walk out the left door, Bobo the failure of crime walks in the right. He's pissed, he recognizes me.

Stupid Con Man: "WHAT DID YOU TELL THEM?!"

Nick: (urge... to... be... sarcastic... rising!)
Nick's Manager: (Glances over, makes eye contact with Nick. The hint of a smile appears, and he gives the smallest of nods.)
Nick: (Joy! I take one single step, so I am outside the building, and therefore not technically an employee of Pockpuster) Well, Professor Moriarty, I told them that there was a con artist trying to return 35 home-made copies of "Jaws" going around, and they'd better keep an eye open.

I walk away, laughing. I found out later from the manager that this guy was a regular con, and not all that stable mentally. Evidently he'd do things like rent movies, then storm in a minute later, claiming we had stolen them. They'd been trying to discourage him from coming back, and evidently my little remark had done the job nicely. My manager never speaks of the incident again, but the next time we both worked the closing shift, the pizza was on him. I'm normally the nicest of guys, but my family will tell you I can be quite sarcastic when I'm in the mood. More tales from Clockcluster to come. Meanwhile, share your own stories of stupid customers, stupid criminals, or customers so stupid they should be considered criminals.

22nd-Jun-2007 01:50 am - Look! I live!
So yeah, I haven't really posted in this community yet. I have nothing nerdy to say. I am really trying to thing of something, and for some reason all I can think about is peeps. :P

I will think of something.
17th-Jun-2007 01:09 pm - Random Trivia Game
I thought it would be interesting to start just a completely random trivia game that branches off from the quote game.

So...ask a random trivia question, whoever answers has to ask another and so on and so forth.


What is cookie monster's actual name?
16th-Jun-2007 10:51 am - Stolen from Nick
This is going to take several hundred years to do, but I thought it would be fun to try Nick's idea with Neverwinter Nights 2. There are a lot of choices for character creation...

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16th-Jun-2007 01:39 am - Let's Play Final Fantasy 7!
Thread idea taken from the SA forums. The way it works is this: one guy plays through a video game with the major choices made in group consensus by the members. Let's see how we do with Final Fantasy 7.

11th-Jun-2007 12:49 pm(no subject)
Leverage: OT3 corner
thought everyone here would be interested in looking at this picture I found online today...

Courtesy CutCollapse )
8th-Jun-2007 04:34 pm - For those MST3K Fans
Ocean's 13 - Rusty
This is by far one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen. So if you ever feel like watching it, I highly recommend it. A movie made in Canada, a little dude who reminds me of toby mcguire from Spiderman 1, and funny looking masked men.

The Final SacrificeCollapse )
8th-Jun-2007 04:23 pm - Extreme Nerds Only

Inspired by the Image War thread, I'm starting a political Magic cards thread. Here's a few I've done so far:

Yeah, you need to be both politically aware and extremely geeky to find this funny, so sorry if I'm wasting everyone's time.

Post your own or ones you like. I'm taking requests for new cards.
7th-Jun-2007 02:25 am - ***Yaaawn***
Ocean's 13 - Rusty
Soo.. I am gonna toss another fun game at ya guys.

It is called......... Name that Quote!!

I dunno if this will last cause I dunno what movies you guys have all seen. But how it works is.. the person who names it the first then provides another quote for us to name and then so on and so forth.

So here's my quote.. name who said it! (if you dunno the actors name.. character is perfectly fine)

"Do You Think That's Air You're Breathing Now?"
6th-Jun-2007 04:16 pm - Image War

Ladies and Gentlemen, it has returned. The legendary image war thread!

If you don't know, it works like this: Someone posts an image; you post something that defeats that image. Like if someone posts a picture of fire (like someone always does eventually), you post a picture of water, or sand, or outer space, or asbestos. Then you wait until somebody counters your image, and try to beat theirs. This continues Ad Nausiaum

Oh, and no hotlinking, it makes the baby Jesus cry. I start off with:

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